Kissamos, also known by the name Castelli is a small town of Chania, with about 10,000 residents. It is located 42 km west of Chania on medium fertile area with olive groves and vineyards and it is the seat of the homonymous municipality.

It is a modern seaside town and its economy is based mainly on the production of agriculture products, as is famous the Kissamos olive oil and wine, as well as in tourism.

Kissamos is a welcoming city well- organized and autonomous. There are banks, post office, health center, shops of all kinds and of course, coffee bars, restaurants and tourist accommodation and hotels in various parts of the city, central and waterfront.

Distinguished is the beach Telonio in Kissamos, where along the seafront promenade, you will find a lot of coffee – bars and restaurants open from morning until in late evening.

The Archaeological Museum of Kissamos is housed in a preserved building and in this you will see remarkable findings of the area since the Roman Hellenistic times. Very impressive are the mosaics of the museum that have stayed unchanged over the years.

Particularly picturesque is the street Skalidi in Kissamos, with its small commercial shops and cafes. Typical is the architecture of preserved buildings with the traditional arches.

Lake, a small picturesque fishing harbor just a half mile from the city center with its taverns located there, is a key element of the traditional side of Kissamos.

From the port of Kissamos, the ferries leave from Crete to Kythera, and there is an itinerary to and from Piraeus. From there depart the tourist boats to the island of Gramvousa and Balos.

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