Almyrida are the two sandy beaches separated by a rocky peninsula with shallow turquoise waters, located in the tourist resort of Almyrida. The area is located 23 km east of Chania and is very close to the picturesque village Plaka.

The beaches in Almyrida are ideal for children. They are well organized and have excellent facilities for water sports. In the area there are sea caves of rare beauty, called “Nerospilia”.

The restaurants are on the beach and are famous for the fresh fish and delicious local food. You can reach Almyrida by bus from Chania or even by taxi 24 hours a day.

Both beaches face the island Karga that you can easily reach even by swimming, in order to admire the bird species that live there as it is a natural habitat for wildlife. There are ruins of the ancient walls of the Phoenicians and the tunnels that were built there during the Second World War.

The untouched countryside and the olive groves surrounding Almyrida make it ideal for hikers. Just one kilometer from the two beaches there is Plaka which is the largest village in the area.

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