Chania - Beaches

Crystal blue waters, fine sand in all shades of white, beige and pink and white pebbles, crowded or deserted, Chania beaches rank among the most impressive of all Greece. It is no coincidence that at times, lists of the best beaches in the world in the international media include Bali, Elafonisi and the beach Agiannis on Gavdos.

You will find endless sandy beaches primarily in the northern coastline of Chania, where one can swim even within the limits of the city, for example in Koum Kapi. Georgioupolis, Almyrida and of course the vast beach of Platanias are some of the beaches of Chania that attract many visitors daily. The beaches in Akrotiri are of a quite unique, wild beauty, exemplified by the Seitan Limania. Chania is also one of the few areas of the country where one can enjoy swimming in a lake, the impressive Kournas in Vamos.

Moving to the south, from the west, we find Falasarna, a stunning sandy beach, very large in size, with clear blue waters and one of the most amazing sunsets you have ever seen. On the northwest coast of Chania lies Balos, the huge rock which is connected with the shore by a sandy lagoon, creating one of the most impressive landscapes of Crete. Even further south, one of the beaches of Chania that one should not overlook visiting, is Elafonisi. An island of sand, joined with the coast by a narrow sandy strip. Shallow waters, reminiscent not of the Mediterranean, but of the Caribbean sea.

Paleochora, with Pachia Ammos is also considered one of the best beaches of Chania, as are those of all the small villages of the southern coastline. There are many people who choose to spend their entire holidays in Sfakia, Loutro, Agia Roumeli or Sougia and Fragokastello, enjoying the spectacular beaches of the Libyan Sea.

Regarding, finally, Gavdos, the southernmost part of Europe, you will be impressed with its shores, its brown, thick sand and the big waves that will remind you more of exotic beaches and less of the Mediterranean.

  • Limani (Chora Sfakion)

    The beaches of Chora Sfakion.

  • Vrysi and Limani

    The beaches of Sfakia.

  • Gylisma

    Gylisma is a pebble beach near the village of Kampos.

  • Agios Haralambos

    A beach with pebbles near Sfakia.

  • Orthi Ammos

    The beach Orthi Ammos is just one kilometer from the crowded Fragokastello.

  • Trochalou

    Trochalou is a small beach near Paleochora.

  • Grammeno

    The peninsula of Grammeno is located five km away from Paleochora.

  • Stomio beach

    A beach with pebbles near Stomio village.

  • Kalyves beach

    The beach of the green village Kalyves is ideal for children and lies 19 km east of Chania.

  • Kalami beach

    A small beach with pebbles, 500 meters from the village of Kalami and 15 km away from Chania.

  • Psilos Volakas

    Psilos Volakas is a small beach, near Paleochora.

  • Honi

    The beaches in Honi are isolated bays with rocky shores near Nopigia.

  • Chrisi Akti

    A sandy beach just two and a half miles from the center of Chania.

  • Fylaki beach

    One of the beaches of Chania, chosen often by nudists.

  • Fragokastello Beach

    Fragokastello Beach is the beach in front of the medieval Fragokastello castle where you might even "see" the Drosoulites...

  • Φουρνωτή

    Η Φουρνωτή είναι μια υπέροχη παραλία με ψιλό βοτσαλάκι και καταγάλανα νερά περιτριγυρισμένη από πεύκα. Βρίσκεται ανάμεσα στη Σούγια και την Αγία Ρουμέλη και απέχει 57 χιλιόμετρα από την πόλη των Χανίων.

  • Fournoti

    Fournoti is an isolated beach south of Chania, where grows the rare self-sown plant Hypericum aciferum.

  • Beach of Finikas

    A pebbly beach near Loutro in Sfakia.

  • Falasarna

    One of the 10 best beaches in Europe is in the Bay of Falasarna.

  • Tripiti

    Tripiti is the southernmost beach in Europe on the island of Gavdos.

  • Tou Meri to Pigadi

    Three bays with pebbled coasts near Kalyviani.

  • Tersanas

    The small sandy beach of the village Tersanas.

  • Telonio

    The secluded beach of Telonio is located next to the crowded Kissamos.

  • Tavronitis

    The sandy beach one kilometer from the village of Tavronitis, near Maleme.

  • Sfinari beach

    A beautiful beach in the village of Sfinari.

  • Beach in Stavros

    Two golden beaches near the village of Stavros where a part of Zorbas film starring Anthony Quinn was filmed.

  • Stavrolimni

    A very small beach on Gavdos.

  • Stalos

    The lovely sandy beach of the village of Stalos near the town of Chania.

  • Beach of Sougia

    The long sandy beach of Sougia is in front of the village with the same name south of Chania.

  • Seitan Limania

    A heavenly little beach near the village Chordaki.

  • Sarakiniko

    The vast beach of Gavdos which was a place of exile for Aris Velouchiotis.

  • Beach in Rapaniana

    A vast beach in Rapaniana which is a coast for Caretta caretta nesting.

  • Beach in Ravdoucha

    A wide beach that consists of many small bays in the village of Ravdoucha, on the peninsula of Rodopos

  • Pirgos

    Two sandy beaches with emerald waters on Gavdos.

  • Potamos

    The red beach of Gavdos.

  • Platanias beach

    A large and organized sandy beach, 11 km away from Chania and the most popular summer resort.

  • Platanakia

    A small beach at the exit of the gorge of Kampos 5 km away from the village.

  • Plakaki

    The Plakaki beach is a small beach near Paleochora Chania.

  • Perivolaki and Timios Stavros

    Secluded beaches between Loutro and Chora of Sfakia.

  • Pachia Ammos

    A beach with fine white sand near Paleochora.

  • Ompros Gialos

    Secluded small bays with beaches near touristic Kolympari.

  • Xotikospilio

    A small beach near the village Keramoti.

  • Beach in Nopigia

    A vast sandy beach which starts from Nopigia and reaches all the way to Kissamos.

  • Damiali

    A small pebbled beach near Kissamos.

  • Beach of Nea Chora

    A large sandy beach, situated very close to the town of Chania.

  • Balos

    The lagoon with white sand is one of the most beautiful beaches of Crete.

  • Macherida

    A small sandy beach just a kilometer away from the village Horafakia.

  • Mavros Molos

    The main beach of Kissamos.

  • Marmara

    The beach where those who cross the Gorge of Aradaina always take a purifying dive.

  • Marathi beach

    Two sandy organized beaches 16 km away from Chania.

  • Beach of Maleme

    The beach of Maleme is in the area where the battle of Crete took place in 1941.

  • Lykos

    Lykos is an isolated small beach near Loutro, which is a biotope of the seal Monachus- Monachus.

  • Loutro

    Loutro is a large beach with white sand and crystal blue waters, where you can go canoeing.

  • Loutraki beach

    A sandy beach just 16 km away from Chania.

  • Lissos Beach

    Lissos beach is located in Chania, where in antiquity stood the homonymous ancient city-state.

  • Beach of Lake Kourna

    Kournas Lake is the only natural freshwater lake on Crete and you can visit its beach for a dive.

  • Beaches in Livadia (Kampos )

    The beaches in Livadia are many small bays near the homonymous village.

  • Lavrakas

    The golden sands and blue waters of Lavrakas, the most isolated beach of Gavdos, will amaze you.

  • Lakoudi

    Lakoudi is a sandy coast of Gavdos located in an almost untouched location.

  • Kyani Cote

    In Souda , one kilometer from the village Kalyves , of the municipality of Apokoronas and 17 kilometers east of the city of Chania lays the Kyani Côte, which is about two kilometers.

  • Krios

    The beach with the three bays, 10 km away from Paleochora.

  • Koutelos

    A small isolated pebbled beach near the village Nomikiana.

  • Koutalis

    A small isolated rocky beach near Kokkino Xorio.

  • Koum Kapi

    Koum Kapi beach is sandy and located very close to the old town of Chania.

  • Korfos

    A small pebbled beach two kilometers away from the port of Gavdos.

  • Korfalonas

    The beach of Korfalonas is the sandy coast of the homonymous village.

  • Kolimvari Beach

    Kolimvari Beach is a huge sandy beach 24 km away from Chania.

  • Kolpoi Odigitrias

    Isolated bays with beaches near the touristic Kolympari.

  • Κόκκινα Γκρεμνά

    Η παραλία Κόκκινα Γκρεμνά πήρε το όνομα της από την μεγάλη χερσόνησο με τους κοκκινωπούς βράχους που βρίσκεται στο βόρειο άκρο της.

  • Kokkina Gremna

    A beach in a "tropical" environment suitable for isolation, camping and fishing.

  • Keratides

    A pebbled beach in Paleochora of Chania.

  • Παραλία Κεραμωτή

    Η Κεραμωτή είναι μια μεγάλη παραλία με βότσαλα και πέτρες, σχεδόν άγνωστη στους επισκέπτες, αφού μόνο οι ντόπιοι κάτοικοι του ομώνυμου χωριού την επιλέγουν. Η παραλία Κεραμωτή βρίσκεται ακριβώς μπροστά από το χωριό, 75 χιλιόμετρα νοτιοδυτικά των Χανίων και 36 χιλιόμετρα νότια της Κισσάμου.

  • Keramoti

    Deserted beach with pebbles and stones, ideal for those who want to be isolated.

  • Kera Beach

    A sandy beach with shallow crystal clear waters, near Almyrida.

  • Kedrodasos

    Kedrodasos beach is one of the few remaining paradises of Europe.

  • Καραβόπετρα

    H παραλία Καραβόπετρα βρίσκεται δύο μόλις χιλιόμετρα δυτικά της Παλαιόχωρας. Οι επισκέπτες της περιοχής βρίσκουν την παραλία αμέσως μετά τον Ψηλό Βόλακα και την Τροχαλού, που επίσης θεωρούνται παραλίες της Παλαιόχωρας.

  • Karavopetra

    The Karavopetra is a small beach near the Paleochora of Chania.

  • Καραβές

    Δίπλα από το λιμάνι της Γαύδου βρίσκεται η παραλία του Καραβέ  που είναι μικρή, με βότσαλα και βαθιά καταγάλανα νερά. Είναι η ιδανική επιλογή για να δροσιστείτε στο πέλαγος αμέσως μόλις φτάσετε στο νησί ή λίγο πριν φύγετε από την Γαύδο! Κοντά στην παραλία και το λιμάνι του Καραβέ θα βρείτε ταβέρνες αλλά και ενοικιαζόμενα δωμάτια.

  • Karaves

    The beach near the port of Gavdos.

  • Kalyviani

    The sandy beach near the village Kalyviani.

  • Καλυβάκι

    Η παραλία Καλυβάκι βρίσκεται δυτικά του λιμανιού της Γεωργιούπολης, 37 χιλιόμετρα ανατολικά των Χανίων  και 21 χιλιόμετρα από το Ρέθυμνο.

  • Kalivaki

    A sandy beach near Georgioupoli.

  • Kalogeros

    The Kalogeros beach is just one km west of Agia Roumeli and to get there you need a boat.

  • Kalamaki (Galatas)

    The beach of the village of Galatas, birthplace of Mikis Theodorakis.

  • Beach of Kalathas

    A small coastal village near Chania.

  • Kavros

    A sandy beach near Georgioupoli.

  • Iligas

    The double beach with the cave and the rugged landscape of Sfakia as a background.

  • Imeri Gramvoussa

    The beautiful beach on the island Imeri Gramvoussa beneath the Venetian castle.

  • Elafonisi

    Elafonisi is a unique beach in the southwest of Chania, an exotic place and, for many people, the most beautiful beach of Crete.

  • Domata

    A paradisiacal untouched beach in the gorge of Klados.

  • Drapanias

    A sandy beach near Drapanias village.

  • Menies (Diktinna)

    Menies is the secluded beach with pebbles and deep waters, 45 kilometers away from Chania, in Rodopos.

  • Glyka Nera

    A great beach near Sfakia, with many springs that flow into the sea.

  • Glaros

    An organized sandy beach near the village of Kato Daratso.

  • Kakia Skala Gramvousas

    An isolated beach at Cape of Gramvoussa.

  • Beaches in Gialiskari

    The beaches in Gialiskari were preferred by hippies in the 1970s.

  • Georgioupoli beach

    The sandy beach of Georgioupoli is part of a coastline of a total of 10 km.

  • Gerani beach

    A large beach with golden sand next to the village of Gerani.

  • Voulolimni

    A natural crater on the coast that looks like a lake in the sea.

  • Votsala or Halikia

    A pebbled beach in Paleochora of Chania.

  • Viglia

    A beach two kilometers long, three kilometers away from Kissamos.

  • Vatalos

    A beach near the medieval Fragokastelo.

  • Afrata

    The beach of the village Afrata, near the Monastery of Gonia.

  • Aspri Limni

    A sandy exotic beach with white sand and Cretan palm trees that looks like a lake with seawater.

  • Aptera

    A sandy beach four kilometers away from the city of Chania.

  • Anidri

    An isolated pebbled beach near the village Anidri.

  • Sfakiano Ammoudi

    One of the official beaches for nudists in Sfakia.

  • Almyrida

    Two sandy beaches in the resort of Almyrida.

  • Agios Pavlos Eligias

    The beach with cold turquoise waters, golden sand and white pebbles, which you can reach by a coastal path.

  • Agios Pavlos (Rodopos Chania)

    An organized beach near the monastery of Agios Pavlos in Rodopos.

  • Agios Onoufrios

    A small beach at the seaside village of Agios Onoufrios.

  • Agios Antonios

    An organized beach near Sougia which can be visited only by boat.

  • Agioi Apostoloi

    The beaches of two "twin" bays just three kilometers away from Chania.

  • Agiannis or Ai Giannis

    A huge exotic beach with golden sand, suitable for campers and naturists.

  • Agia Roumeli

    The beach at the exit of the Samaria Gorge in front of the Libyan Sea.

  • Agia Marina beach

    Agia Marina beach in one of the most well established resorts of Chania.

  • Agia Kiriaki or Kountoura

    A sandy beach next to the greenhouses of Kountoura.

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