Beach in Stavros

The beach in Stavros is one of the two beaches of the village with the same name, located 17 km northeast of Chania, on the northern tip of Akrotirio.

The beach in Stavros is a sandy lagoon, very well organized and windless, divided in two. The blue-green waters and exotic beauty will amaze you.

Just 200 meters northwest of the first beach in Stavros, stretches the second one. On both of them you will find golden sand, rocks and clear but wavy waters. The two beaches in Stavros are separated by a peninsula on which you will see the remains of a Venetian limestone quarry.

Feature of the beach area of Stavros is the big steep mountain in the shape of a camel that stands opposite to the port of the village. Scenes of the film “Zorbas the Greek” were filmed on the mountain where Anthony Quinn danced the famous Sirtaki in 1964.

Today the area has been developed into a major tourist resort with many hotels and tourist infrastructure.

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