Cave Sfakia – Asfendos

Close to Sfakia, just outside the village Asfendos, lies the homonymous cave. The area is called Skordoulakia, from the plant that grows there, and that is why the locals also call the cave with that name.

The cave Sfakia – Asfendos is a relatively small cavity, with a maximum height of two meters and a length of about 16 meters. Although it has no particular geological value, the researchers discovered cave paintings, dating from the Neolithic Age, around 7500-8500 years BC.

The visitors to the cave Sfakia – Asfendos can distinguish various pictorial representations, deer or antelope, bow with arrows, spear, ship and twig. There are also abstract carvings, linear and tectonic, and other formed by small engraved dots.

The total area of ​​the rock engravings in the cave Sfakia – Asfendos is about two square meters. In order to enter the cave you have to virtually crawl, since there is only one entrance, measuring approximately 60 on 80/100 cm.

For protection reasons, the Archaeological Service of Chania has placed an iron gate door, which blocks the entrance. You should ask for the key from the elderly couple, who live in the only house in the area, at the point where the trail of one kilometer starts, which leads to the entrance of the cave Sfakia – Asfendos.

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