Chora Sfakion

Chora Sfakion is the port of Sfakia, south of Chania. It is located 75 km from Chania, in a region characterized by the ferocity of the landscape. Madares the bare peaks of the White Mountains prevail in this area. Chora Sfakion is located at the exit of Imbros Gorge of Imbros, one of the largest gorges in the area.

The population of Chora Sfakion amounts approximately to 250 people. However, during the summer season, the number increases radically because of the fact that the village constitutes one of the tourist resorts in the south of Chania. From the port of Chora Sfakion visitors can go to Loutro, to Agia Roumeli, where the Gorge of Samaria ends up, to Sougia, to Paleochora and to Gavdos as well.

The number of restaurants and shops of Chora Sfakion is sufficient and satisfies the needs of the countless visitors. Tourist accommodation is highly developed and presented in a wide variety. The beaches of the prefecture as well as some of the surrounding coasts can be reached on foot. Small fishing boats or the bigger ship transfer the visitors to the rest of the beaches. From Sfakia, you can drive up to Frangokastello, the neighboring village.

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