Caves Zoures and Harakas

Near the village Azogires belonging to Paleochora of Chania, lie the famous caves Zoures and Harakas, which are connected to the religious tradition of the place. You will find them at a distance of eight kilometers from Paleochora and 72km from Chania.

The cave Harakas is located southeast of the settlement. Originally, it consisted of three carved separate spaces, which – according to the researchers – were used in ancient times as burial places of official dead. Today these compartments in Harakas are no longer visible, because in the same place was built later (1864) the Monastery of the Holy Fathers, which still stands.

The cave Zoures is to the northwest of the village Azogires and at an altitude of 535 meters. Three iron stairs help to get down to it.

The cave Zoures is rocky and deep.

Inside, there is a source of running water and many stalactites. In the depth of the cave Zoures, there is a small church of the 99 Holy Fathers.

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