The village of Daratsos is located 5 kilometers southwest of the city of Chania. Although it is a small and quiet village, it presents developed tourist infrastructure and during the summers it gets really crowded thanks to its close distance from the center of the capital of the county, but also from the large beaches.

The area is divided geographically into Ano and Kato Daratsos. Kato Daratsos is the coastal settlement of the village.

The natural environment, the developed infrastructure, the beautiful beach of Glaros as well as the easy access from Chania, will make your stay at Daratsos simply unforgettable.

At Daratsos you can find hotels and rooms to let, taverns and restaurants where you can taste the famous Cretan cuisine and bars for your entertainment.

Those who love swimming will definitely enjoy the nearby beaches, the Gold Coast and the beach of Holy Apostles, which can both be reached by the road from Daratsos.


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