Deliana is a small village in the prefecture of Chania, situated at an altitude of 199 meters above sea level. It is 37 kilometers from the city of Chania.

At the village of Deliana, in the region of John the Baptist, there is the Byzantine church of St. John, but the village became known in the hiking community, who visits the region to cross the famous, nearby gorge.

One entrance of the Gorge of Deliana – Mesaflia is located within two kilometers of Deliana and you will be able to get there by a dirt road. The crossing of the Gorge, which lasts about an hour – is five kilometers long – it’s easy and it is even recommended even for children.

The Gorge of Deliana – Mesaflia has dense vegetation and is full of plane and chestnut trees around its creek. The best time to visit the area is in spring, when the vegetation is in full blossom and the water in the river flows in abundance.

After finishing hiking, you can rest and eat at the taverns of Deliana or even visit the nearby village of Panethimos, which is located only one kilometer away

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