Panethimos is a beautiful small hilly village situated at an altitude of 259 meters. It is 44 km from the city of Chania and 14 km from Kolimvari or Kolimbari. Its trademark is the central square which is surrounded by planes and other trees.

There, in the center of Panethimos, visitors will find a spring of running water and near the square you can also see a small waterfall. The cistern and the laundry room that are still preserved in excellent condition help the visitor understand the importance of the central square in the everyday life of the locals, especially in the past.

Panethimos consists of neighborhoods interconnected by alleyways. In antiquity, the location in which there is today the church of Virgin Mary must have been a sanctuary. On the ruins of this ancient temple, an Early Christian basilica church with mosaics was constructed already from the early Byzantine period.

You can combine your visit at Panethimos with hiking at the Gorge of Deliana – Mesavlia, which starts from the next village Deliana.

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