Emprosneros is a small village and administratively it belongs to the municipality of Apokoronas. Emprosneros is located 38 kilometers southeast of Chania, at the foothills of the White Mountains, at an altitude of 250 meters. The village is inhabited approximately by 300 permanent residents whose main occupation is animal husbandry, olive growing, viticulture and locust bean cultivation.

It is a region rich in water resources and this is probably where the name “Emprosneros” was inspired from. The village presents great interest from archaeological and tourist aspect. Excavations have brought to light clay pottery, tombs and stone walls, which probably belong to ancient water pipes of an ancient city.

Emprosneros is surrounded by an entire forest of oaks. At the edge of the village the restored tower of Ibrahim Alidakis, a terrible janissary (Turkish official), who killed 1774 Sfakians, is still standing.

His wealth was enormous as he was constantly committing illegal activities at the expense of the local residents. Despite the fact that it has been only four years since the great destruction of their province by the Turks, the Sfakians were gathered together and decided to fight back and attack him. Sfakian fighters were in inferior position because the numerous deaths and fights they’ve suffered, decreased at a great extend the male population of the area. As a result, women who already had their first combat experience during the previous revolution, demanded to participate in the fight and exterminate Alidakis who oppressed their home for so long. After a long and painful siege, the Sfakians destroyed the tower and Ibrahim Alidakis died in battle.

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