Fragokastello is located just outside of Sfakia. It was constructed in 1371 by the Venetians, and the legend says that the locals tried in every way to stop its erection by destroying in the evenings the parts built during the day. The name Fragokastello (the fortress of the Franks, ie the Catholics) was given to the new fort by the locals, reflecting and underlying their abhorrence.

Fragokastello, the way it looks today, is similar to the original construction. It is a rectangular building with vertical walls and quadrilateral towers at the four corners, with the southwestern tower being the highest one. The towers and the walls resulted in gap-toothed battlements.

The main entrance to Fragokastello lay in the south, while another one was located in the east. Over the south gate there were four Venetian heraldries, from which two are still preserved. Above them you will see the lion of St. Mark.

The interior of Fragokastello is preserved in very good condition, as well as the auxiliary buildings inside the fortification.

Fragokastello however, became known because of the legend of Drosoulites, the Cretan soldiers who died in battle against the Turks and whose shadows ‘appear’ and haunt the fort even to this day…

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