Fres is a village located in the hinterland of Chania. It belongs to the municipality of Apokoronas. It is situated 25 kilometers away from the city of Chania, built at the foothills of the White Mountains at an altitude of 220 meters. Fres is in the heart of the greenery and any visitor can understand the beautiful natural scenery that is about to follow even before entering the village: at Loutro, which is on the old highway, there is a source of gurgling water and old plane trees.

Olive trees and grape vines compose the scenery of the village of Fres, which -according to the tradition-was named after the Freris, the Catholic monks who lived in this region during the Venetian period.

Evangelistria is the most significant church of the village and it constitutes a great monument, inside of which visitors can see the icon of Virgin Mary, a work of St Luke. At Fres there is also an Art Gallery and the Museum of Fres, in the Manousaka mansion, where you will be able to see and find out the genealogical tree of 95 families that come from the village, dating from the 19th century until today.

At the war memorial of the village, visitors can read the inscription “Memory and Duty”, while the statue of the Cretan Fighter is the work of the sculptor Dimitris Kalamaras. Beside this work of sculpture, there are the busts of Constantine Digenakis, a chieftain and author, Stavros Kelaidis, a chieftain and lawyer and Constantine Lagoumitzakis, a teacher.

Around Fres, the church of Virgin Mary of the two rocks still exists, in place of Kapi the Langos. The unique scenery reminds us of Meteora.

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