Gerakiana is a small village in the prefecture of Chania. It is situated at an altitude of 180 meters above sea level and only 30 kilometers from Chania and 13 km from Kissamos (Kastelli).

Gerakiana is built on a small hillock, between the outskirts of two bigger hills, Santa Barbara and Alonia. From the village, the view is endless, towards the sea from one side and towards the imposing, wild White Mountains on the other.

The residents of Gerakiana are mainly occupied in agriculture and the cultivation of olives and vines, which produce oil and wine of high quality.

The area surrounding the village is inhabited since the Minoan period (3000-1100 BC).  At Shiopata at the top of the hill of Santa Barbara, at one edge of the village, there are the ruins of the Minoan settlement, which is one of those who are officially proclaimed as archaeological sites.

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