Gorge Eligia

The Gorge Eligia is located south of Chania, in Sfakia and runs parallel with that of Samaria, from the plateau of Omalos to the beach of Agios Pavlos, in the Libyan Sea.

To cross the entire Gorge Eligia you will need two days: from Omalos through the shelter Kallergis and peak Melidaou at 2,133 meters altitude, you will end up in Potamos, the White Mountains, after about six hours of hard hiking.

From there to Agios Pavlos, you will need about another 6 hours of hiking. On the beach, except for the shade of pine trees and blue waters, you will also see the homonymous Byzantine church.

If you do not arrange for a boat, you will need to walk to Agia Roumeli, for about another hour by the international path E4.

Alternatively, you can enter the Gorge Eligia from the village Agios Ioannis of Sfakia and as a result cross about half the distance for 3.5 hours.

At Gorge Eligia are also living populations of wild goats, the famous Kri – Kri.

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