Just two kilometers from Nopigia you will encounter a number of secluded rocky coves and the region of Honi. The rocky beaches in these bays are to the east of Cape Rodopou, 28 km from Chania. You will never forget the crystal and turquoise waters of this sea and the exotic beauty of the area with the beautiful rock formations. The wild beauty of the Cretan landscape in Honi is amazing.

The coastline there is neither sandy nor organized but it will be the appropriate shelter for those who want to dive and enjoy the tranquility of the place. On the beaches of Honi, you will find only a few trees to use their shade, so you have to be prepared properly before going to the beach.

You will get to Honi by following the coastal road from Nopigia to the east. After the small theater of the Orthodox Academy, follow the dirt road that leads to Honi. After driving for about a kilometer and a half on the dirt road, you will find the church of Panagia (Virgin Mary) in Honi and there you can choose in which bay you will stop for diving.

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