Kabanos is the largest village of East Selino, mountain and it is located 52 km from the city of Chania, on the road to Sougia. Its name probably comes from the slope shaped bell. In the central square of Kabanos is dominated the church of Saints Constantine and Helen, while on the square there is the Memorial for fallen soldiers of homeland. This square every summer gathers all the children of the village.

Other attractions in Kabanos are the churches of St. Onoufrios of 15th century, St. Polycarp and St. Nicholas also of 15th century.

Kabanos is the hometown of the chieftain and later Deputy to the Cretan House of Reader Gryfakis or Gryfanagnostis. In Kabanos, you can sit at one of the many small cafes and at the end of the village in Manganari, you can stop as there are many trees and a traditional fountain.

Fairs in Kabanos: Saints Constantine & Helen (21th of May) – The St. Onoufrios (12th of June 12).


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