A rock standing in the sea that resembles to a monk gave the beach its name. The Kalogeros beach is just one km west of Agia Roumeli  on the south side of Chania and to get there you will need a boat. Unless, of course, you are keen swimmers and you endure to swim for an hour in order to reach the beach…

The Kalogeros beach is sandy with deep blue waters and small white pebbles. Certain trees and rocks on the coast will offer you their shade in order to enjoy the sea and manage to stay there all day. Also, if you wish you can stay and camp there.

To set up your tent on the beach of Kalogeros, you should of course carry with you all the necessary supplies because there you will find no tourist infrastructure.

You will find no canteens or cafeterias or restaurants nearby. The development and civilization are, we could say, “far away” from this place. On Kalogeros beach you will enjoy the natural environment undisturbed.

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