Kares is a small village and part of the municipality of Apokoronas. It is located 35 kilometers southwest of Chania with no more than 100 residents living permanently.

Kares is located at an altitude of 190 meters above sea level. At the village, visitors have the opportunity to admire many traditional architectural elements thanks to the old buildings that are still extant, dating from the period of Venetian and Ottoman rule.

At Kares there are some old churches, three large caves and a gorge starting from Agios Antonios and ending up to Macherous.

In addition, there is a Kules (in Turkish the word means “fortress”), a tower that constitutes a typical example of Ottoman defensive and that was built to control the valley of Vamos and a stone made path for mountaineering that reaches to Madara of White Mountains.

If you leave Karnes and go south through the 8 km long rural road length you end up at Gournes, a village at an altitude of 1,100 meters where sheep farmers have their traditional kumus, made ​​of stone that is found in the area. Kumus are also used as lodging.

The small church of Apostles Peter and Paul at Kares, was also made of stone and on the eve of the celebration of the two Saints on 28 June, a big festival is organized.

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