The resort Kavros with its beach is located 42 km east of Chania and 18 km west of Rethymno. Kavros is just four km away from Georgioupoli with its crowded beach, but it is much quieter.

The beach of Kavros is part of the vast coastline of 10 kilometers starting in the west of the beach of Georgioupoli and reaching west, to Episkopi.

Kavros beach has lovely sand and clear waters. The waters are relatively shallow but it often has waves, as the area is exposed to north winds. Kavros beach is very well organized and provides all the necessary amenities. If you want to be isolated, you will definitely find a much more peaceful place because the beach is very long.

Delfinas river flows in the west of Kavros and carries water from the magnificent Kournas Lake, located just two kilometers to the south.

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