The two uninhabited islands of Gramvousa, Agria and Imeri are located near the homonymous cape of Chania, just two miles northwest of the lagoon of Balos.

The access to Agria Gramvousa, which is located north of the cape, is quite difficult because of the high rocks that surround the islet like walls. The islet, as well as the surrounding region, has also been included in the Natura program, because its rocks host gulls and various bird species.

Imeri Gramvousa

The islet of Imeri Gramvousa is accessible. Besides its beautiful beach, it has also the famous fort that was built by the Venetians. On the south side of the islet there are two large gulfs, between which lies a wreck. The rusty wreck of the ship is now an integral part of the landscape.

In the Gulf of Gramvousa, which is located below the fortress, hundreds of visitors that take the boat from the port of Kissamos disembark daily during the summer. The route lasts only one hour.

Tourists who arrive at Imeri Gramvousa can tour the castle, see the wreck and, of course, swim. Next to the beach there is the small church of the Holy Apostles and a coffee shop.

Visitors can find food and water from the bar of the small tourist boats.

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