Koleni is a lowland village located 35 kilometers southwest of the city of Chania and is just seven km from Kissamos . The village got the name by the Italian engineer and architect Kolenis, who was built there a beautiful arched bridge, which is located in Mesonisi.

The opening of this stone initially bridge took place ​​on 3rd of November 1929, in Koleni and it was served the neighboring villages, from where you could pass the carriages, the only means of transport of people and goods transport in the early 20th century in the countryside.

For decades the bridge in Koleni was called as the bridge of “Mygia” from the surname of amazing craftsman Miyakis, who was built it.

Over the years, to be able to cross the bridge Mousadiana the vehicles – as it was officially named later – was widening, but in the north side remains intact its  original architectural form.


In Koleni live permanently about 60 residents, who are involved in agricultural activities and animal husbandry.

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