Kolpoi Odigitrias

In front of the Monastery of Gonia or of Virgin Mary  Odigitria, which is situated 25 km west of Chania and just one kilometer away from the village Kolympari, there are some small bays near the rocky shores of Cape of Rodopos.

The locals called them Kolpoi Odigitrias because of their proximity to the monastery. On the small beaches formed in Kolpoi Odigitrias, which are not organized, you will find pebbles instead of sand and crystal blue clear waters.

Kolpoi Odigitrias are isolated and they stretch all the way to the port of Kolimpari, which is an extremely touristic destination, so there you will find everything you need in order to stay longer on these quiet coasts.

Despite its secluded position, in Kolpoi Odigitrias nudism is prohibited because of their proximity to the monastery.

After enjoying your swimming you can visit the Monastery of Gonia founded in 1618 and dedicated to the Virgin Mary Odigitria.

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