Koutalis (or Koutalas) beach is located just one kilometer north of Kokkino Xorio, 25 km away from Chania, very close to the edge of Cape of Drapano.

Koutalis beach is generally isolated and nearly unknown to everyone. It is formed at the exit of a rocky gorge in the center of a long narrow bay.

In Koutalis you will find pebbles and large stones, which make swimming a little difficult, but the beach is perfectly suitable for snorkeling, while on the coast you will find a cave.

You can combine your walk at Cape of Drapano with a dip in Koutalis beach, which is ideal for fishing and isolation. Of course, you must arrange to have all your necessities, such as umbrellas, food and water.

In Kokkino Xorio, located near Koutalis, and where Zorbas was filmed, you should see the Elephant Cave or Petsis’ Cave, the picturesque houses and the complex with the cisterns used for collecting water.

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