The beautiful beach of Krios, with its blue waters and beautiful pebbles, is located 10 km west of Paleochora and 90 km south of Chania, on the eastern side of Cape of Krios.

Krios has an area of ​​one kilometer and it is a beach suitable for camping. It is divided into three consecutive bays. At the eastern coast of Krios you will see the first bay. It has large rocks, is open to the south winds and badly organized, so it does not attract many visitors.

The second bay of Krios is in the center of the beach and is one that many choose for swimming. There you will find parking, a canteen and umbrellas.

The third bay to the west of Krios is the smallest. It is isolated and that is why nudists prefer it. The small caves near the beach will offer you their shade. You can get there by car from Paleochora.


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