Lakki is a village located 24 km from the city of Chania, at an altitude of 500 meters. The place offers panoramic view of the White Mountains and a stop there to enjoy the vastness of the valley that lies ahead totally worth it.

The cafes and the local tavernas of the village are built in suitable places in order for the visitors to taste the local cuisine and relax watching the landscape, at the same time. The houses are built amphitheatrically, on two hills.

Lakki there is lack of water, as in this area there are only small sources, in the lower parts of the village, which are usually dry during the summer. The residents, however, put personal work and effort, and managed to bring from the mountains tanks full of water, almost 40 years ago.

This way they managed to transform their village and make it have greenery and lush vegetation, with gardens and small orchards. Olive trees dominate the region. The climate of the village is dry and pleasant even if it is influenced by the high mountains that surround the settlement.


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