Shortly after Korfos of Gavdos lies Lakoudi, one of the less known beaches. You can get there on foot, covering about one kilometer, or by sea. The waters in Lakoudi have an amazing color, while the beach is sandy and surrounded by pine trees. It is one of the few beautiful, almost untouched parts of the country.

You will find Lakoudi near Korfos, two kilometers to the south of the port of Karaves, of the only port of Gavdos. If you want to combine swimming with a little more adventure, a path along the coast from Karaves leads to Korfos and it will take about 60 minutes to cross it. If you do not have your own vehicle you can take the bus.

Lakoudi beach is formed on the top of a bay, where you will find few rooms and taverns. Near Korfos there is the church of Agios Georgios with its freshwater source. Findings of the Late Minoan Period have been found south of the beach and reveal the habitation of the area during the period 1600-1100 BC.

Lakoudi is one of the most unexplored beaches of the island and certainly worth a visit.

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