Lavrakas is a fantastic beach, with golden sand and blue waters on the island of Gavdos. It is one of the most isolated beaches of the island, as you can reach it only on foot or by sea and it is not organized.

The beach of Lavrakas is located about two kilometers west of Agianni, near the northernmost edge of Gavdos. You can get to the beach after walking for about 30 minutes out of the village.

Many believe that the name Lavrakas comes from the many sea bass that the site might had once. However, it seems that the name comes from the Minoan word “labrys” which is the ax, the Minoan double ax.

The golden sands and blue waters of Lavrakas will amaze you, just as Calypso charmed Odysseus, because there are those who believe that Gavdos is Homer’s Ogygia and a visit there is a must!

South of Lavrakas, apart from the remains of ancient buildings, you will find the church of Agios Nicholas and the stream of Kedre.

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