Litsarda is one of the villages in the regional unit of Chania, in the northeast side of the prefecture.  The village belongs to the municipality of Apokoronas, a part of the province of Vamos. It is built at an altitude of 283 meters, with approximately 100 residents living there permanently and it is located 25 km from Chania.

All houses are traditionally constructed and combined to the greenery that surrounds the entire village as well as the cobblestone-covered streets, they compose one the most beautiful villages and sceneries of the area. The Cretan hospitality is vividly represented and expressed by the locals who are always willing to offer visitors unique experiences. In the village of Litsarda you can find a tavern with traditional dishes and a traditional coffee shop. The ruins of the old village, which was completely destroyed by the Turks and their invasions, are the first thing that welcomes visitors as entering the village.

If it happens to be in Crete in August, do not miss visiting Litsarda because you will have the opportunity not only to watch the traditional celebrations and festivals that take place, but also to participate in them. Every year, in the 14th and the 15th of August, the local residents celebrate in honor of the central church, which is dedicated to Virgin Mary.  Cretan feasts are organized at the central square. Musicians from across the island are gathered at Litsarda playing the traditional Cretan lira and singing Cretan songs. Cretan dancers are dressed traditionally and the celebrations last until the morning!

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