The tiny beach of Macherida is located 14 km northeast of Chania, just one kilometer away from the village of Horafakia. It is almost hidden in a rocky bay. It is sandy, with clear deep waters and quite secluded.

The bay in Macherida is almost always serene and is bounded from the north by a cape that looks like a knife (macheri in greek). In another version, it gets its name from the flower Maherida (Gladiolis italicus) that grows on Crete.

The water in Macherida is deep and clear, since the currents change many times a day and thus keep away the garbage. Macherida is not organized, even though in recent years buildings have descended close to the beach.

Right next to the beach is the biotope of Macherida, while there is also a “crater” from which gushes brackish water.

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