Marmara beach is one of the most popular beaches of Sfakia. It is located on the southern coast of western Crete, in Chania, five kilometers west of the village of Loutro, and the beach is just off the Gorge of Aradaina.

In Marmara you will find pebbles and the water is crystal clear. On the rocky shore a few meters from the sea there is a tavern. It is the right place to eat after swimming and enjoy the view from up high, of the coastline of southern Crete and the Gorge of Aradaina.

Marmara beach is located at an isolated location and you can get there either on foot from the nearby beach of Lykos or by boat from the port of Loutro, or by crossing the Gorge of Aradaina. Those who choose this route and before they decide how they will leave the beach, they always take a purifying dive in the icy waters.

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