Minoan Villa of Nerokouros

The Minoan villa of Nerokouros essentially consists of the remains of a building characterized as a Minoan villa,  found near the village of Nerokouros, just outside the city of Chania. It dates back to 1700-1450 BC and follows the standards of the Minoan palatial culture.

The Minoan villa of Nerokouros had paved floors and numerous doors. During excavations, several bronze objects were found indicating possible bronze processing activity (workshops) in the region. Many pottery items were also brought to light.

A second, less impressive house was found 300 meters east of the Minoan villa of Nerokouros, consisting of two storage rooms and a paved floor. Apparently, the area was an extended settlement, structured per neighborhoods.

At the archaeological site, several objects were discovered that are currently hosted in the Archaeological Museum in Chania.

In the valley of the village, apart from the Minoan villa of Nerokouros many antiquities have been occasionally found, indicating that the area was inhabited since the beginning of the Minoan to the Christian period.

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