Monastery Chrysopigi

The Monastery Chrysopigi is located three kilometres from the town of Chania. It is dedicated to the Virgin Mary Zoodochos Pigi and celebrates on Good Friday. It was founded in the late 16th century by the doctor and philosopher John Chartofilakas from Chania.

Over the centuries, the Monastery Chrysopigi, which is stavropegic as it reports directly to the Ecumenical Patriarchate, experienced periods of boom and decline. It has suffered through many raids and suffered severe damage from the Turkish and German conquerors.

In 1976, the monastery was converted into convent Chrysopigi. It currently consists of a fraternity with 30 members, with a large number of pilgrims visiting it. The nuns are engaged in hagiography, preservation of old books and pictures, bookbinding and ecclesiastical embroidery. Also, they cultivate the land with the method of organic farming and implement environmental educational programs.

The Monastery Chrysopigi is widely known for the production of standard biological extra virgin olive oil. Its products are accompanied by appropriate packaging and presentation, informing the consumer about its production.

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