The monument of the battle of Floria

A wide number of monuments reminiscent of the brutality of the war and the cruelty of the German Nazis are scattered throughout the island of Crete. At Floria of the region of Selinos, the monument of the battle of Floria is erected in honor of the great battle and the dead that were left behind after the battle.

The monument of the battle of Floria consists of three marble slabs: In the middle, on the marble column, are listed the names of those who died at the great Battle of Floria and at the Battle at Agrimokefala during the German invasion in 1941. On the left and on the right marble slab, are listed the names of the residents of Floria and the Old Roumata, who were executed by the Nazis during the Second World War, to remind and honor the most important and crucial moments of the patriotic struggle for freedom.

The monument of the battle of Floria was erected at the village after the Liberation from the Germans. However, at Floria there is a monument erected by the Nazis to honor their own dead soldiers, who got killed by the locals in May 1941, while fighting to resist the German invasion to the interior of Chania.


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