Monumental Olive Tree of Samonas

Olives and Cretan land, two identical words, inextricably linked with the tradition and social life of the locals.

The Association of  Olive Cultivating Municipalities of Crete (S.E.DI.K.) has managed to create a significant “network” of olive trees, thousands of years old.

The olive tree of Samonas, labeled as “monumental” by the Association, is one of them.

Located very close to the picturesque village of Samonas, in the region of “Lakkos”, on the site of the ancient settlement “Kilintra” of the Late Minoan period.

The olive tree of Samonas evidently owes its name to the nearby village.

The trunk of the tree at its base has a maximum diameter of about 6 m and 70 cm and a circumference of 20 meters.

The olive tree of Samonas, at a height of about one meter from the ground, has a maximum trunk diameter of 5 meters and 25 centimeters and a perimeter of 12.9m.

Although the exact age of the olive tree of Samonas is not known, it is estimated that the tree is more than 3000 years old, because of its large size.

To visit the olive tree of Samonas, you should simply follow the special markings available in the region.

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