Museum of School Life

The Museum of School Life is housed in the old school building in the village of Nerokouro in Chania. It was established by the Prefecture of Chania on recommendation of teachers and intellectuals of the county, in order to record and present to the public the history of education on the island and beyond.

In the Museum of School Life, visitors can see a number of exhibits – books, notebooks, rulers, desks, chairs, numbering tables and other objects from earlier times. It presents faithfully the atmosphere of the classroom and the learning process through all the variations and changes tested by the passage of time.

The main purpose of the Museum of School Life is the pursuit of educational and school past, scientific analysis, its protection and connection with the current educational reality and needs.

The Museum of School Life with its events and actions contributes to the cultivation of the spirit, the historic exploration and creative use of the past in the educational process.

It seeks to contribute significantly to the enhancement and revitalization of the role of the educational process, the culture of respect for school rules of modern life, cooperation and solidarity between students and teachers, respect for school property and the school environment and daily care for its improvement.

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