Nea Roumata

Nea Roumata is a small picturesque village at the foothills of the White Mountains, which is located 25 kilometers from Chania, at an altitude of 320 meters. It is said that the name was attributed to the village because of the numerous mineral springs in the area, since “ruma” means source in the Cretan dialect.

The area around Nea Roumata has lush vegetation and its advantageous geographical location favors the growing of oranges, olives, vines, avocados and chestnuts. One of the most beautiful sights of the village is the small waterfall, surrounded by greenery and a rare species of fern, which grows only in Crete.

In the Valley of New Roumata at the location “Pefkos” an important Early Minoan tomb was found, which has is directly related to the Cycladic tombs. A second vaulted tomb of similar construction, but with smaller dimensions, had been excavated at another location in the same area, while traces of early Minoan facilities have been identified in various heights around the Valley of Nea Roumata.

The chapel of St. George Methistis is one the many in the region. Maybe Agios Georgios has nothing to do with wine or drinking, however the habit of opening at that day barrels with wine, probably inspired the ​​appellation “Methistis”, which means a man who drinks a lot. On November 3rd the residents honor the memory of the placing of the Saint’s remains in his Temple in Palestine.

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