The Nippos village is 33 km from Chania, is built at an altitude of 175 meters. In this live about 200 residents engaged in farming and the cultivation of vines and olives. The main products of the region are oil, wine, and raisins.

In Nippos, there is a fountain, called Rafiolia, which probably takes its name from the Bishop Raphael, who ordered to build it.

Previously, in Nippos, there was a wonderful three-storey palace, called Poupe (doll), but now there is only the threshold of the third floor. Survives even tank palace although there have been no excavations around it.

In Nippos there are 13 survived churches. Northwest and below the settlement there is ravine descending from the White Mountains. In the river bed is the fountain in which according to legend is buried a great treasure.

At the edge of the valley of Georgioupoli and in the southern part of Nippos in the winter months streams a water source, called Vorthos. When the rain is great along with the water that comes out of the ground leaving dozens of eels!

Each May the field is plowed and eels appear again with heavy rains in the next year.

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