The village Nochia is located southwest of Chania, 30 km away, and is situated at an altitude of 160 meters. In the past, this place used to be a center of pottery and this is why the settlement – which now has approximately 150 residents – had a large number of forges, where jars were made.

The pitcher of the Nochians is widely known and its shape is the distinctive characteristic of the potters who made it. The pitchers, despite following the traditional shape that prevails in Cretan pottery, they stand out because of their large size.

Even today there are pottery workshops at Nochia, where ​​utilitarian and decorative pottery objects are made both for locals and visitors.

The village has many underground waters and this is why every field or house has its own well. There are more than 60 wells measured and some of the most famous are the “deep well”, the “two wells”, “the magatzes” and “the unique well”.

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