Panagia of Renier – Notre Renier

The Chapel of Panagia of Renier is located at Theofanous Street, in the old town of Chania. It is embedded in the Mansion of the Venetian – Cretan family Renier, built in 1608. It is a family chapel at the back side of the Mansion of the Reniers, small and vaulted. Columns support the arch of the roof of Panagia of Renier, while murals from the time it was constructed are visible to this day.

To reach Panagia of Renier, visitors should cross the impressive Gate of the Reniers’ mansion, which is preserved in very good condition. These two buildings of the Renier complex still hold the characteristics of their construction, unlike the Mansion, which has undergone significant changes over the years.

Today the chapel of Panagia of Renier is used as a space for art exhibitions and other cultural events.

Panagia of Renier is one of the Venetian monuments that are scattered in many parts of the old town of Chania.

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