Patelari is a lowland village, belonging to the municipality of Platanias and it is located 17 miles away from the center of Chania. It is the next village we meet after Vrises.

At the entrance of Patelari there is a historical monument that reminds visitors the brutality that the residents of the village suffered in retaliation for fighting against the Nazis, right after the Battle of Crete in 1941, during the German Occupation.

At Patelari, visitors will have the opportunity to see two verdant villages, as the area is surrounded by olive groves, vineyards and citrus. The inhabitants are mainly occupied in agricultural crops.

The central church of the village at Patelari is the church dedicated to the Nativity of Virgin Mary, which is celebrated on September 8. There is also the church of St. George “Methistis” that is celebrated on November 23rd. The locals open the barrels to taste the new wine at that day.

The earliest church of the village, however, is the church of St. George the Trophy bearer, which does worth a visit.

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