Vrises is a village in Chania and also the capital in the municipality of Apokoronas. The village is built on the foothills of the White Mountains (equally known as Madares or Lefka Ori) at an altitude of 62 meters. It is 32 kilometers from Chania and the main occupation of the approximately 800 inhabitants is in agriculture, in animal husbandry and in cultivation of citrus and olives.

While staying at Vrises, visitors have the ability to walk around and explore the province of Apokoronas, one of the most fertile areas of the prefecture of Chania, with picturesque villages, beaches, monuments, museums and traditional mills.

Boutakas, Vrisianos and Farmakera are the three rivers crossing the village.  In Vrisianos river there is a Greco-Roman bridge, at the east of the village and more precisely at the exit leading to Rethymnon, under the new highway. This region is called Greek Kamara and it is located next to the church of the village, in the north of the road that passes through Vrises. The bridge, which is used until nowadays, is made of stone, without mud and it is raised to 6.4 meters above the river.

At Vrises you can find public services, places to shop, restaurants, cafes and rooms for accommodation.

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