Perivolia (Municipality of Chania)

The Pervolia village is located five kilometers southwest of Chania at an altitude of 62 meters. It is a very small village with a few dozen residents.

In Pervolia village, you will see the ruins of Byzantine churches, but what stands out is the Sinaitic dependency of the Holy Trinity, which is located between Perivolia and Mournies of Cydonia. It is one of the four independent dependencies of the Sinai Monastery in Crete.

The Monastery of the Holy Trinity was founded in Pervolia during the Second Byzantine Period (before 1204) and had a rural character, as is evidenced by the places of the monastery (oil-press, warehouse products, etc.).

The area has other dependencies of various monasteries of that period, who wanted to exploit the fertile plain for the maintenance of their property.

In Perivolia is usual on the day of the celebration of St. George, owners of horses immediately after thanksgiving in the homonymous church to receive the icon of the saint by Pope and forming procession the horseback to make the litany of the icon in the houses of the village.

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