Philological Association “Chrysostomos”

The Philological Association “Chrysostomos” is the oldest spiritual and cultural Association not only in the city of Chania, but also of all Crete. It was founded in 1899 and, initially, was responsible for subjects of general social and educational interest. When the Greek State took over its responsibilities in the educational and social sectors, the Association focused mainly on the spiritual and cultural aspects of Chanian life.

The building that has housed the Philological Association “Chrysostomos” since 1909, on Halidon 83, opposite the municipal art gallery, is a typical example of the neoclassical movement in Crete and has been declared as listed.

The Philological Association “Chrysostomos” is historically connected with the early years of the Cretan State (1898 – 1913), years that were of huge importance to the modern history not only for the region of Chania, but for the entire country. In the renovated space of the Association lectures, events in honor of important people of letters and the arts, music events and art exhibitions take place.

The contribution of the Philological Association “Chrysostomos” in the spiritual, social and general cultural movement of the city was and is important.

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