Platanias is the seat of the homonymous municipality and it is located only 10 kilometers away from the city of Chania.

The village is built on a hill and extends to the sea, following the route of the river Keritis or Platanias.

Just like it happens with all the other villages of the region, the first signs of inhabitation are identified in antiquity, while actual evidence is available from the Venetian period.

Pano Platanias (or Acropolis) is built on the slopes of the hill and offers a panoramic view. This is actually the oldest part of the village that still keeps alive its story elements, like the Turkish observatory, but also the architectural heritage of the place.

Kato Platanias is the modern extension of the village to the beach and provides all the services and tourist infrastructure, since it is a widely known tourist resort and in fact, probably the most popular one.

Platanias beach is a lovely huge beach, along which it is concentrated the entire tourist infrastructure of the region: many large, luxury hotels, bars, restaurants of all categories.

Platanias attracts a large number of visitors of Chania and it is the most popular summer resort of the area. Apart from swimming into the amazing sea, visitors can enjoy everything there, from coffee to countless beach bars, which can lead to wild party, until the bigger clubs of Chania, where dance and music last until the morning!

The regular transport connection of Platanias and Chania gives visitors the ability to quickly find the most beautiful sights of the county.

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