Prases is a fertile, mountainous village located at an altitude of about 550 meters, 35 kilometers away from the city of Chania.

Across the entrance of Prases we can see the little Gorge of Askidianos which is surrounded by a beautiful pine forest.

The houses in Prases are scattered in a large area. In the square you will find cafes who also serve food. As you move to the opposite side of the village, the small river that crosses Prases, you can see the huge trees that grow at the edges of the river. Next to the river there is an old stone made watermill.

Across the Prases there is the old neighborhood known as Askidia with the beautiful pine forest. At this location, you will find the Byzantine church of Saint George. In the valley of Fasas, which is close to the village, several other species threatened with extinction grow, for instance pteridophyte (Woodwardia radicans).

The main products produced by the residents of Prases are chestnuts and olive oil. Every October the celebration of chestnut is organized under the aegis of the Cultural Association of the village. The feast includes traditional Cretan dishes and abundant chestnuts are served with seven different ways.

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