Psilos Volakas

The beach Psilos Volakas is located two kilometers west of Paleochora, on the coastal road that leads to Agia Kyriaki, in the south of Chania. The surrounding area is one of the most touristic of the county and during summer, it gathers a lot of visitors.

Psilos Volakas is a short coastline, full of pebbles,that got its name from the large rock (which locals call volakas) that visitors can see at one end of the beach and which protects it from the wind.

If you are in the picturesque Paleochora, you can reach Psilos Volakas even by foot, enjoying the walk. The distance from Chania is 73 km to the south.

The beach at Psilos Volakas is not organized, so you should buy what you need before you get.

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