The picturesque village of Ravdoucha is located 25 km west of Chania, on the brink of a steep slope. The fact that the area is “caned” by the extremely strong winds –“caned” means “ravdizomai” in Greek, inspired the designation of this village. The scenery is beautiful. High mountains around, wild cliffs and large groves compose the view you can see and admire from Ravdoucha, since the settlement is built on the top of a green hill with a stunning view over the bay of Kissamos.

The coast of Ravdoucha is located just below the village, at the bottom of the slope and is accessible via a sloping road of about two kilometers.

There is no transportation available from Ravdoucha to the beach and the only way is to go by car. At the end of the route you will find two signs, indicating the way to the beach from two different directions. The beach on the left side is the most scenic one.

None of these two beaches is organized. You will find only some trees that will offer you shade. However, in the region there are several traditional taverns and rooms to stay.

Near the coast of Ravdoucha visitors see the picturesque chapel of Agios Onoufrios, which is built into the rock, so it is characterized as a cavernous church.

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