River Kladisos

The River Kladisos of Chania originates from the White Mountains. It gathers the waters of the valley Therissos, flowing through the homonymous gorge and the plain of Chania and flows into the Gulf of Chania, west of the beach of Nea Chora.

The ancient name of the river was Kerdisos. The estuaries of the River Kladisos in Chania are in the district of Nea Chora, at the end of the street Selino.

Previously, the River Kladisos was a raging river of Chania, with rich vegetation that creates unique images and landscapes in its passage. Today, especially at the mouth of the sea, near the center of Chania, the river looks like an inflamed swamp.

Essentially, River Kladisos has dried up, but even now, at the point where it meets the sea, a unique ecosystem of fauna and flora of the region is created. The environmental organizations consider it necessary that the river should be protected from human intervention and alteration of the landscape.

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