Rodopos is a village with approximately 450 inhabitants, located 32 km from Chania. More precisely, it is located at the Cape of Spatha, at the peninsula Rodopou and it is built at an altitude of 259 meters, in the northern part of Crete. The official name of the village is Rodopos. However, it has slightly changed into Rodopou and prevailed in this version.

The houses of the village present the traditional architecture with strong Venetian influence. The most famous residence is the “Venetian villa”. At this village you will find restaurants, cafes, grocery stores and bakeries.

From the settlement of Rodopos, two roads begin: a long bumpy road to the Diktinna beach and a smaller road leading to the Monastery of St. John Gionis (Girologou).

At Diktinna (or Menies), at the exit of the gorge Fountas, a lovely secluded pebble beach with deep clear blue waters is located. The fact that it is not affected by the usually strong winds of the area makes it an ideal destination for relaxation, far away from urban centers.

The access to the beach is a bit exhausting as you have to drive for about 45 minutes on a bumpy dirt road of 23 km length, starting from Rodopou.

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